The Chambers

Adventure Log #1

Into the Wild

The heroes began their journey at the border of the Known Chambers in a small settlement called Outpost 9 or Thornwood by it’s residents. There Thrumps, Bobus, and Bunder aided the local sheriff, a human named Ustach, and the innkeeper of The Wet Whistle, by convincing a group of wannabe halfing adventurers to skip town after viciously beating them up in a bar brawl. The sheriff happily enlisted the aid of the minotaur warrior, who else could be the leader he thought, and his shorter companions. The three halflings, Pip, Pop, and there leader Lego, didn’t stand a chance against the minotaur, elf, and gnome. A runaway sling bullet and Bunder’s terrifying serpent form made it a quick fight.

When they took the keys back to Ustach, Thrumps impressed the sheriff so much with his songs he agreed to give them a pair of gate keys, mystical implements used to travel between chambers. After a night’s rest, the party purchased an authentic Bobi Bibbibutter compass and a handful of other magical items from a peculiar magic shop run by an extremely ugly human woman. Right after they set off into the giant forest and towards the unknown. It was an uneventful 5 day journey during which Thrumps only ceased playing his drum while asleep and during meals. The majestic shimmering stone of the gate suddenly appeared before them in the overgrowth near the end of the path but thankfully Bobus knew the method for opening the gate. As the gate’s liquid-stone door lifts up the party can see only darkness within the gate tunnel, but they do not hesitate to light their torches and march into the black.

While inside the tunnel an uneasy feeling settles in and Bunder begins muttering in the language of the primordial elemental chaos. As he does this the tunnel begins to fill with almost inaudible fragments of sound. They pressed on. The fragments begin to coalesce into a distinct buzz that eventually breaks down into an ocean of tiny clicks whose center was directly above the party on the opposite side of the cylinder. Still more than a hundred yards from the other gate they set down their torches and prepare to do battle with whatever might emerge from the darkness. Slowly at the edge of the light they start to see little flecks of chrome that have begun collect into puddles, and eventually into distinct mounds of shiny metallic goop. After a long hard battle filled with staggering notes, goring charges, and so called “Snap Strikes” the goop has been reduced to a fine powder. From inside a mound of the dust Bunder pulls out a strange hand mirror. He recognized the face in the mirror as his own but his beard appeared almost twice as long. Curious he put it in one of his pockets.

Energized by battle, or afraid of what else might be locked inside the tunnel with them, Bobus led the party to the end of the tunnel, and when they felt the slight sensation of walking up a hill and then suddenly down, the gate began to open before them. The first small cracks of light indicated that it was at the very least day-time but as the door rose higher and higher the entire edge of the tunnel was bathed in a red light. A wave of heat followed soon after. They soon saw exactly what awaited them in the next chamber. A vast desert landscape, an sweltering ocean of red sand under a red sky. There were no signs of life. In one direction red sand stretched to the horizon, while mountains crept into view in the distance on the opposite side. It was time to decide where to go next.



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